My Developer Portfolio

Website to present a showcase of my projects, skills and other information to help give people an idea of what I do. Written using Jekyll, SaSS and hosted on Azure.

Project Summary: My developer portfolio.

Notable Features

  • Static - Created with Jekyll to utilise Markdown, Liquid, HTML & CSS to generate a static site ready for deployment.
  • Mobile Friendly - Responsive design.
  • Analytics - Utilises google tag manager and analytics.
  • Lightweight CSS Framework - Custom lightweight SaSS powered theme built by me based off bootstrap.
  • Blog Posts
  • Branding - Logo and branding created by me.
  • Tagging system
  • CI/CD - Integration and deployment pipelines with Azure pipelines.
  • Azure CDN - Hosted using Azure blob storage and Azure CDN.
  • High Performance - 99 performance score in lighthouse.
  • Cookie Consent - Provided by iubenda.

Elliot Lunness - project - Sep 1, 2019